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Huzur Studio is an Islamic Creative Video Production Firm based in Dhaka Bangladesh, founded in the year 2018 by Ala Uddin Alo. We are here to focus and spread the Deen to Muslims and Non-Muslims locally and abroad. It comprises a collection of young Muslims passionate about Islam and da’wah through the number one communication tool of the digital age: the internet, social media. Our all production based on evidence from religious texts in an adequate and easy-to-understand manner. We are support new Muslims in learning their religion in a positive way away from extremism.


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Fajr 4:43 AM
Sunrise 5:44 AM
Dhuhr 11:47 AM
Asr 3:12 PM
Maghrib 5:51 PM
Isha 6:52 PM
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Understand Islam

“ The First: Nothing is before Him.
The Last: Nothing is After Him.
The Most High: Nothing is Above Him.
The Most Near: Nothing is beyond His Reach.
He Begets Not, Nor was He Begotten.
The Creator, Provider, and All-Rich.
The All-Seer, The All-Knower. He is One and Self-Sufficient.
He is not Nature, or any part of it.
He ascended above His Throne, High above the Seven Skies.
No Vision can encompass Him, but
His Grasp is over all vision… “  💕Called ALLAHU💕